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August 5, 2022

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Only sheet vinyl and vinyl tile are now accessible as alternatives for vinyl flooring if you’re seeking a cheap flooring material. But you can use the Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring as well. They are suitable for use even in the kitchen or bathroom. Luxury Vinyl Planks have unique features such as a customized tongue-and-groove connection method and is manufactured in long planks. These lock together and are commonly known as “click-locks.”

When it was first introduced, vinyl plank flooring could imitate wood plank flooring even more than plastic laminate flooring. Its popularity rocketed sky-high as a result of this.

Since then, there has been an increase in the number of options available for vinyl plank flooring. These options now include products that have the appearance of natural stone, such as marble or granite, as well as ceramic and porcelain. In addition, floors with a stone-like look often take the shape of tiles rather than planks.

We will now focus on the Luxury Vinyl Plank, where we will dive into the assessment and, later on, the pros and cons.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

The Luxury Vinyl Plank is also referred to as a plank or luxury vinyl floor. After manufacturing, the final product is long with narrow strips instead of the more conventional square tile shapes.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a multi-layer product that includes the following layers:

  • An aluminum oxide layer at the top protects the surface from superficial scuffs and scratches.
  • A design layer that produces a stone or wood look that is photorealistic.
  • A backing layer made of reasonably stiff vinyl accounts for roughly 90 percent of the entire thickness of the luxury vinyl plank.
  • A layer of transparent film that guards against more severe ripping and tearing.

As a result, luxury vinyl seems to be almost five times thicker than sheet vinyl, which enables it to have a semi-rigid structure. In addition, luxury vinyl planks are installed by snapping them together rather than being rolled out over the floor and bonded down.

Manufacturers of luxury plank flooring provide a variety of new styles to match the distinctive appearance of different wood species, right down to textured surfaces that simulate actual wood grain. Some of these types are designed to resemble the wood they are modeled after.

Additionally, compared to earlier versions of sheet vinyl or plastic laminate flooring, plank vinyl flooring often has more vivid graphics and deeper embossing. This is due to the closer depiction of it as wood and stone.

You may even get vinyl planks that appear to be extensively aged or distressed, with hand-scraping, digging, scratching, and nail holes interspersed throughout the surface.

However, these floors carry a higher price tag due to the need for the planks to be relatively thick to manage such extensively detailed embossing.

A professional installing a LVP floor

A vinyl flooring plank’s standard length is 48 or 36 inches. The width of most boards is approximately 6 inches, although the breadth of some can reach as high as 7 and a half inches.

Cost of Vinyl Plank Flooring

The luxury vinyl plank flooring costs about the equivalent of natural wood flooring. On average, the cost of floors might range from $2.50 to $5 per square foot.

Professional installation costs between $1 and $3 per square foot. However, this is one of the flooring materials equivalent to plastic laminate planks in terms of how easy it is to install.

The overall cost of luxury vinyl plank flooring is comparable to that of laminate flooring, even though vinyl planks are typically considered better than laminate planks.

Maintenance and Repair

The Luxury Vinyl Plank floor is easy to maintain. After installation, you are advised to dust the floor daily and use a damp mop once weekly. You can use a light detergent and a mop or clean with cleaning pads.

However, steam cleaning this flooring is something that should never be done. Even if the flooring is waterproof, the steam cleaner’s pressure can force moisture down through the joints and into the timber subfloor below.

When it comes to repairs, vinyl plank flooring might be a little bit challenging. Use a vinyl repair kit in a color that closely matches the flooring in your home to patch up little damaged areas. The patched area will rarely match the surroundings exactly, though.

It is common to dismantle the floor from the wall up to the damaged plank, install the new plank, and then reassemble the floor from the wall to replace the complete plank.


The major flooring manufacturers produce vinyl plank flooring in various colors and patterns.

Interior designers and real estate experts still think solid hardwood or porcelain tile is the more renowned flooring option. Despite being regarded as more prestigious than laminate and sheet vinyl flooring.

The majority of luxury vinyl plank flooring products are designed to look like hardwood floors. However, vinyl planks can provide the impression of natural wood quite convincingly when viewed from a distance.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Luxury vinyl plank flooring installation is not a big deal. The installation will go well even if you install the planks yourself.

You don’t need any particular skills or unique tools to do the installation. All you need is to understand how to do it, and if you install it in a small room, it may take around 3–4 hours.

The edges and ends of the vinyl plank flooring boards snap together using a click-lock method. It is one of the advantages of using vinyl plank flooring. Additionally, this flooring is often a floating floor, which means it rests on top of the underlayment rather than requiring a glue-down adhesive.

Luxury vinyl planks installed in a contemporary house

Although the flooring and underlayment should be as level as possible. Vinyl planks are much thicker than sheet vinyl; therefore, they are more tolerant of minor defects in the underlayment than sheet vinyl.

The installation commences with placing the first row of planks along the side of the room most exposed to view.

A sharp utility knife may be used to cut the end wall boards, and tin snips can be used to make notches and apertures for blockages.

Top Vinyl Plank Flooring Manufacture/Brands

There are several manufacturers/brands selling luxury vinyl plank flooring. However, the best luxury vinyl plank producers that provide the best flooring products have been identified after extensive investigation.

Premio and Classico, From Shaw

Shaw is a prominent flooring manufacturer, and two of its premium luxury plank flooring brands are called Premio and Classico.

Shaw offers luxury vinyl products that are both attractive and thick (6.5 millimeters) and can be deemed of the highest quality.


Among the most established flooring firms, Armstrong is still a strong company. The Luxury Vinyl Plank that Armstrong produces is of a quality that falls in the mid-range. In addition, it comes in various replica wood species and suitable thicknesses.

The Luxe Plank range that Armstrong produces is well-known for its understated elegance. However, this product is unique among vinyl floors because it uses an adhesive that sticks to itself.

Adura and Distinctive, from Mannington

Mannington is a reliable corporation that provides excellent products. One option to consider is the well-known Mannington Adura.

However, suppose you want the appearance of actual wood planks. In that case, you will need to upgrade to their distinctive range, which comes in 6 x 48-inch widths. It has micro-bevel edges that are “eased,” an attractive hue, and more authentic embossing.


The leader in low-cost LVF products, BuildDirect is exclusively available online and consistently provides the cheapest possible planks. However, there are some restrictions.

Customers usually have to buy a specified number of square feet to get BuildDirect’s most affordable offerings since the firm evaluates its expenditures.

Because of this, homeowners installing most flooring will likely be drawn to BuildDirect’s low prices.

Tranquility, from Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators sell Luxury Vinyl Planks at an affordable price, making them an ideal manufacturer to consider.

Their in-house brand, the Tranquility line, sells incredibly thin LVP, North Perry Pine, that is only 1.5 millimeters thick. This product represents one end of the price spectrum.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Lumber Liquidators carry a substantial inventory of high-quality planks with a thickness of 5 millimeters and a width of 7 inches.

A worker installing vinyl floor tiles

Pros and Cons of Luxury Vinyl Planks

There are several advantages to installing luxury vinyl plank flooring. First, the flooring is exceptionally resistant to water. Luxury vinyl, which has this resilience, is gaining popularity in various home and commercial contexts. At the same time, vinyl flooring has several drawbacks, all of which must be considered. The Luxury Vinyl Plank’s pros and cons are listed below.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Pros


The greatest advantage of luxury vinyl flooring is, without a doubt, that it is reasonably priced.

Luxury vinyl flooring can be significantly more cost-effective than other flooring options, including carpeting and hardwood floors, with prices ranging from $2 to $5 per square foot.

You can see why LVP flooring is excellent when considering how much easier and substantially less expensive it is to install this kind of flooring.

Easy Installation

As mentioned, it is easy to install luxury vinyl plank flooring. This flooring is ideal for quick house renovations.

There is no need for hammering, sawing, or other complex and time-consuming installation methods.

In reality, most LVP flooring has a “peel-and-place” backing. This self-adhesive design requires only removing the backing and pressing the strip onto the floor.

Beautiful Design

The best luxury vinyl flooring has advanced significantly in recent years. They are now available in a variety of exciting colors, designs, and textures, attracting even the most prejudiced customers.

Although LVP flooring is not as expensive as real hardwood, stone, or tile flooring, it is unquestionably considered superior to sheet vinyl and laminate flooring.

Modern, intricate texture designs also exist. This is done to mimic the look and feel of the natural material.

Very Durable

Vinyl flooring is exceptionally durable. Cleaning it, nonetheless, does not let you reduce your efforts.

However, if you take proper care of it. You should be able to anticipate using your luxury vinyl plank flooring for a significant amount of time.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

Luxury vinyl floors are effortless to maintain and repair if they are damaged. It usually just takes a daily vacuum and a once-over with a damp mop or even a Swiffer once a week to keep these floors clean. Therefore, a more intensive cleaning technique like steam cleaning is not advised.

If ever necessary, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most accessible types of flooring to repair. Other types of flooring can be more challenging to repair.

A box of extra planks is often left over after installing the floor, which can be used to fix any damaged planks.


The durability of vinyl flooring is well known. Because of this, most vinyl flooring can withstand water, requires relatively little upkeep, and has a long lifespan.

Vinyl flooring has a wear layer that helps it resist discoloration and sustain heavy wear and tear. Because of this, it’s a fantastic alternative for any area with a lot of foot activity.

Some manufacturers make vinyl flooring wholly waterproof and a good choice for use in bathrooms and mudrooms.

Because of the layered construction of vinyl flooring, it feels “softer” and more “padded” underfoot than materials such as stone or hardwood. This is because vinyl flooring is composed of multiple layers.

These layers not only insulate the floor but also assist it in keeping a constant temperature throughout the year, regardless of the season. In addition, vinyl can also offer soundproofing capabilities, reducing noise and echo in whatever space they are installed.

Modern home with luxury vinyl planks installed over cork flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank Cons

Inconsistent Quality

Even among the greatest brands, luxury vinyl’s quality might occasionally vary, despite producers valuing diverse surface textures and photorealistic depictions.

When searching for the finest luxury vinyl plank, it is critical to consider the product’s construction and thickness.

The best option is usually thicker vinyl flooring since it is more durable and resilient. Also, search for vinyl with a strong core with four material layers for increased tensile strength.

Hard to Remove

Suppose you subsequently decide you want a different floor. In that case, it will be challenging to remove the existing flooring once it has been installed.

This is because the adhesive used to bind the planks to the flooring is extremely strong, making it difficult to remove.

But if removal is necessary, it may be carried out on your own without a professional’s help. Again, however, there will be a significant amount of labor required.

Wrapping Up

Luxury Vinyl Plank is the right choice for you if you are searching for a flooring option that is not only water-resistant and long-lasting. It is also comfortable to walk on, simple to install, and needs very little upkeep.

This type of flooring is far superior to laminate or hardwood in terms of its performance in moist environments because it is constructed entirely out of waterproof components. There aren’t many types of flooring that are better suited for use in a kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room. Installing vinyl plank flooring is the best option if you have kids, and it is also pet-friendly. Ceramic tile and vinyl plank flooring are two popular flooring types noted for their longevity. However, tiles are more prone to breakage and chipping over time than luxury vinyl plank flooring.


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