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February 8, 2023

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Vacation Everyone’s favorite time of the year is during those brief two weeks, whether on a tropical beach vacation, going on a mountain trekking excursion, or seeing historical sites. Looking forward to a trip helps us deal with the stresses of daily life and gives us a chance to treat ourselves to a great time. But what if you weren’t limited to experiencing that emotion only once a year? Why not bring your vacation inside? Interior design trends inspired by travel and historical places are popular and memorable.

Interiors with a travel theme and global spirit are stylish and enjoyable! Even if you live in a suburb in the Midwest, your home may still have a rough, desert feel. Designing your dream home is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a daunting task. It may be tricky because there is no “proper way” to style an interior with a travel theme or global spirit. Follow this guide for essential information, suggestions, and ideas to make your house the ideal escape!

Should only one country inspire my entire interior design?

No! It’s entirely up to you. For example, you could get ideas for your interior design from the same place or do something different in each room. Designing your own home can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Making your own house can be difficult, but if you are willing to work hard and learn, it can be a great experience. Also, it doesn’t have to be based on a certain place or destination; it could be a mix of decorations and accents for the home you’ve gathered through travel. Interior designing your own home can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Mountain cottage inspired living room

Where can I find travel-themed decor?

Even though it would be ideal, not everyone can get their furniture and decorations from the same place that inspired them. However, you can often find furniture with a vacation theme at home furniture sales or nearby furniture and home decor shops.

Creating A Chic Travel-Inspired Interior

Make it Genuine Design

Nothing is worse than tacky, inexpensive home design. Unfortunately, if you’re not cautious, it’s easy for designs inspired by travel to go the wrong way. Many businesses sell cheap decorations with a travel theme, so you won’t notice how poorly they were made. As a consequence, your house resembles a massive gift shop. Make your design as natural as you can to avoid this bad experience.

Find artifacts that appear like they may have been discovered in the area you are inspired by, even if they weren’t, rather than going with something that seems like a map or an “I love New York” sign. If New York City is your inspiration, seek stylish metropolitan pieces that appear to fit in a Manhattan high-rise apartment. Designing your space should be an enjoyable experience.

Don’t go Overboard

The phrase refers to travel that is not overtly promotional. Not every piece of furniture in your home needs to be from a specific place you’ve been to; otherwise, it can appear more like a museum than a home. Find the right mix of functional, simple, and unique pieces to make a cohesive and well-balanced design.

Beach inspired home design

Share your Preferences

Don’t get carried away by design! It’s completely acceptable if you have items you adore that don’t exactly suit the theme. However, you still want your home to reflect your distinct style and favorite things from the places you’ve visited. Designing your home interior can be a fun and enriching experience.

Streamline your Color Scheme

Maintaining a color scheme is a terrific approach to ensure your design is unified and polished. Your travels may serve as inspiration for something, or they may only enhance it. For instance, it’s recommended to adhere to a beachy color scheme full of blues, beiges, light pinks, and soft yellows if you’re designing a seaside retreat.

Trying to get a more Mountainous, Woodland vibe? 

Remain faithful to earthy hues like light grey, mossy green, and brown. Neutrals are essential if a particular place does not inspire your design.
A decent neutral color scheme always appears professional and well-designed.

Include Images from your Travels

Including images from your trips is a great way to give your travel-inspired design individuality! These may be selfies on a mountain, pictures of incredible urban murals, photos of the desert horizon, gatherings of family members at the beach, etc. You may place them throughout your house or make a fun gallery wall, including family vacation photos!

Aim to Establish a Tone

When designing for travel, it’s crucial to remember that you’re aiming to create an atmosphere. As we’ve already established, only some things need to be specifically travel-related. Still, it should complement the destination’s general vibe. For instance, if you’re planning a desert shack, although it has nothing to do mainly with the desert, a raw edge wood coffee table matches the rustic theme well.

Remember to Respect the Culture

Respecting local culture when drawing inspiration from a particular area is important. Long gone are the days when people hung tapestries and Buddha statues without knowing anything about their history or culture. Do some study and attempt to grasp the meaning of an object before deciding to use it as décor in your home if it has any cultural value.

Tropical climate inspired home design

Interior Design Inspiration & Ideas for Travel!

Home decor ideas with a cozy, rural vibe that draws inspiration from the desert. This style is easy to bring into your home using natural woods, warm colors (primarily brown and terracotta), and great succulents. Think about putting together objects that look old and worn from the harsh desert heat with an exciting mix of textures.

Mountain Cottage Design

There should be a lot of natural elements, like wood and stone, used in a mountain cabin’s design. The color scheme is often neutral to emphasize the mountainous feeling, focusing on cold hues like milk and grey. Matte black hardware, leather furniture, and natural features like raw-edged wood or antlers make fantastic décor additions.

Coastal Vacation Design

A coastal hideaway wants you to feel like you’re at the beach! A seaside home should have a very airy, easy, and light atmosphere. Set the mood with beachy hues and light-colored woods. Steer clear of items that appear like tacky souvenirs, such as pillowcases with anchors or too many seashells. It’s usually a good idea to hang wall art that features serene beach vistas or other coastal-inspired topics.

Modern NYC

An urban, New York City-inspired design should have a strong industrial vibe. Some significant design elements are exposed brick, metal accents, modern art, Edison lamps, and a lively mix of old and new things. For this design, black and white with a splash of a cheerful color like yellow or red is a popular color combination.

Tuscan Villa

A stunning and opulent design trend is Tuscan home decoration. When addressing this style, we’re not talking about your mother’s “Tuscan-inspired” kitchen from the early 2000s. No, authentic Tuscan design is far more understated and sophisticated. Tuscan designs often have warm colors, large tiles on the floors, dark woods, stucco, and exposed beams.

Hotel Ambiance

Sometimes staying at an affluent hotel is the most excellent part of traveling. So why not transform your house into the most hip hotel you’ve ever visited? Hotel-inspired designs include:

  • Cool-toned colors.
  • Low-stacked carpeting.
  • Interesting modern architectural choices.
  • A basic, clean aesthetic.

Hotel inspired bedroom in a house

Tropical Escape

Going to the tropics is so wonderful, and it’s simpler than you think to transform your house into a tropical haven. Green is undoubtedly a prominent color in tropical decor. Typically paired with other vibrant tropical hues like apricot, orange, and yellow. Utilize organic materials in your design, such as bamboo, rattan, cane, and jute. Finally, remember to add tropical houseplants to your space! Several palm species look beautiful in homes and require little maintenance. If you use fake plants, make sure to spend money on ones that seem authentic to avoid having a clingy design.



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