The Best Colors That Go With Orange

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May 9, 2023

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Orange is a naturally happy and uplifting color that should be used more in interior design. Unfortunately, orange has a reputation for being hard to decorate, even though it can be both modern and rustic. However, it shouldn’t remain that way. Orange can be used in any room, from the bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen. It can be anything from a burned orange to a bright tangerine. The colors listed below complement orange, in case you weren’t already using it but wanted to know what hues would work best with it.

How to Choose Colors That Match Orange

“What color goes best with orange?” is a fundamental question everyone asks. Orange is a warm color that complements warm hues like red, yellow, and brown. You will understand that orange is a secondary color when you learn the fundamentals of color theory. It implies that the primary colors, yellow and red, are mixed in equal parts to create it.

A kids room with orange and red color combination

Like red, orange is a color that is meant to stand out, and a bright orange can make people feel both excited and warm. There are also other shades of orange, ranging from lighter to darker to even more daring options. Some of the best colors that go with orange include navy blue, forest green, and charcoal gray.

If you can’t decide which color goes well with orange, the best thing to do is look at a color wheel. It will show you all the colors and help you determine which ones look good with orange. Orange is the color that lies in the middle of the color wheel, between red and yellow. These colors are on one side of the color wheel. They are also called “warm colors.”

Conversely, the main focus will be on cold colors like blue and green. The colors that enhance orange the best can be seen when using a color wheel. If you track where each color can be found, you can figure out the combinations that will work. On the other hand, orange should only be used as an accent color in interior design because too much of it can be overstimulating.

So next, let’s look at some color combinations that look good with orange. On the internet, there are tables that display color combinations. These tables will show both the hex code and other color code methods. The hex code is a method of differentiating colors. It comprises letters and numbers that come before a hash symbol.

What Colors go with Orange?

With a general understanding of the orange color palette, we can look at the best colors that go with orange in more depth. You can choose color schemes with two to four colors or more. Orange might not be the first color you think of when you want to decorate, but it gives you multiple choices. You can make the color less bright or use it as a neutral color.

From a stunning burnt orange to a warmer, neutral orange, there are many shades of orange. Other orange colors that are easy to work with are sienna and terracotta, in addition to burnt orange.

What Color Matches Orange Walls?

Orange could be used as a color scheme in any house, including the bathroom and bedroom. People often believe that the color orange makes them hungry. Since this is a common belief, the kitchen is one of the best places to use orange decor.

Carrots, oranges, other citrus fruits, pumpkins, and paprika are some of the many healthy foods and spices associated with this color. So, orange is an excellent color for bringing warmth, fun, and energy to your home.

Neutrals and Orange

Using neutral colors can make brighter colors look softer by giving the whole thing a more muted look. For example, a bold orange couch next to a white wall will give the living room a definitive look. Orange adds a bit of color without being the main focus of the design. This color combination works well in a living space but is also adaptable to other rooms in a house.

Beiges and Tans

Going from brighter to earthier orange hues can also yield a more rustic appearance. Orange can also be used in a way that is similar to how neutral colors are used. So if you like to work with more neutral colors, orange is well recommended. Mix these colors with pale blue, warm brown, and soft green to create a natural and cozy look.

A living room with orange and grey color combination

Orange and Cream

The cream is another neutral color for orange because it has a yellowish tint. This color combination has the ability to create a balanced appearance that can be applied in a variety of contexts throughout the home. For example, if you paint the walls orange, adding cream accessories can help tone down how bright the orange looks while still giving the room a pleasant feeling.

You can make an excellent fall color scheme by adding one or more colors, like olive green or shades of brown.

Orange and Gray

Gray is an easy-to-work-with color to go with orange, and there are many shades of gray, just as there are many shades of orange. Gray is seen as a more elegant color, while orange is lively and fun. Choose a color scheme with more than one shade of gray. It will make the colors look like they have more depth. You have a choice between a strong, noticeable orange and a softer, less striking orange when choosing a color.

Orange and Browns

When different shades of brown are used, a room can feel more friendly and calm. It is because different shades of brown can be considered varying levels of orange. Brown colors also increase the feeling of ardor in a room. Try mixing in other neutral colors to see what happens with orange-themed decor.

Orange and Black

Some people might be afraid to wear black, but combining it with other hues can generate a striking and bold look. For example, using black as one of your feature colors with orange can help the orange color stand out more. However, if you’d like your style to be more unified, use black and orange sparingly and try to add a third color or shade, such as beige.

Adding Color to a Neutral Room

As we’ve already said, orange’s complementary color is blue, and adding blue to orange-themed decorations can make a room feel more lively. It is especially true if most of the colors in the room are neutral. You could also paint the walls orange and blue. It would give the room a lot of life and be an excellent choice for a child’s bedroom. However, you could also use shades of other colors like blue, green, or yellow.

Rooms painted in Orange tones

You can easily use orange in your home by adding accessories like blankets, pillows, vases, carpets, or furniture. Making these changes is simple if you decide in a month or two that you want something different. On the other hand, choosing and painting walls is a decision that will last longer, though it can still be changed. So first, let’s discuss some ideas, and then we’ll figure out which color best fits the orange walls.

Creating an Orange Accent Wall

You might believe that painting an entire room orange would be excessive, but you still want to use the color. For instance, if you plan to add an accent wall, paint one instead of all the walls in the room. You can choose a fiery or earthy orange, then surround it with more neutral colors, like white or cream, or include more orange hues in the room by adding more objects or decorations.

You could also go for a decorated look that includes orange. It is an even more subtle way to use color.

Pink, Red, and Violet

Although you might not think they complement each other, pink and orange colors go well together and can make a bold and exciting color combination. Likewise, orange and red go well together, but you must find the right shades and use only a little of either color. For instance, pairing orange walls with red accents and other neutral hues would be best. On the other hand, violet and purple can be considered rich and lively colors.

A dining room painted in orange and white

Turquoise and Orange

Turquoise and orange combination colors go well together and make you think of lovely, sunny beaches. But, again, if you want the best results, try to match the color of the turquoise to the orange on the walls. If you use a more neutral shade of orange, consider adding turquoise couches or other furniture like vases or rugs.

Orange walls could also look good with a little bit of green. Mixtures of orange, green, and brown are the best way to show the colors of fall.

Orange Pastel Colors

A color scheme with primarily soft pastel colors can be relaxing and welcoming. After that, you can add colors like beige, white, and a darker shade of brown. The color scheme, primarily neutral, makes the room feel calm, warm, and friendly. It also makes the space feel peaceful. The combination of colors would look great in a private bathroom, like an ensuite.

How to Select an Orange Bedroom Color Scheme

Given how energizing it is, orange might not be a good choice for your bedroom. On the other hand, choosing orange accents might make your bedroom feel warm and inviting. The first piece of advice is to paint the walls with a mix of two different colors so that the orange doesn’t take over the room. The following additional factors should be considered before making a choice.

You can also use different colors, which will give the picture a more balanced look. One main shade and one or two accent shades should be used to show orange.

Final Words 

Consider how the room is set up because it could affect your decision. For example, the light can look different in different directions depending on where you are. It implies that the amount of light entering the room will vary depending on the circumstances. If you put an orange headboard against a white wall, it can make a striking contrast.

Afterward, you can add other orange things to the room, like throws, pillows, and carpets. You can build up a lot of different shades and add a lot of different patterns and textures. You can choose any color you want to use to decorate your bedroom. How you feel about it will depend on your preferences, such as whether you like to stay up late and sleep in or prefer to wake up early and go to bed early.

If you perform your best work in the morning, choose a shade of orange that is more lively and energizing. On the other hand, choose a darker or more muted shade of orange because it is more peaceful.


What Colors Go with Orange?

Orange is a happy, friendly color that goes well with many other colors. If you want an all-orange look, try out different shades of orange first. You could also use blue and green instead. Some colors that work very well in this setting are white, brown, cream, and beige. If you do it right, purple next to orange can be a beautiful contrast. If you have orange walls and are looking for accent colors that go well with them, some of the colors mentioned above are great choices.

Green and orange living room

What is the Complementary Color to Orange?

You should be able to determine what color is directly adjacent to orange by looking at the color wheel. You’ll find that orange goes best with the color blue. It is because when these two colors are next to each other, they create a contrast, and each color makes the other one stand out more. Some good colors that go with orange include blue, green, and purple. These complementary colors create a bold and eye-catching color scheme.

Can You Use Orange for Upholstery?

If you don’t like orange walls, you could replace them with orange furniture, like a sofa or armchair. Even though orange is a bright color, its more muted tones are easy to work into a neutral color scheme.

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