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May 11, 2023

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The bedroom is the best place to start if you still need to use feng shui in your home and life. It’s the room where even small changes can make a big difference. Whether you know much about feng shui or not, try making a few changes to your bedroom. Consider how you feel first, then check to see if anything else has changed. If you paint your bedroom in a way that is good for feng shui, it can make a big difference in the room. It is because people are visual creatures, and the visual cues in their surroundings significantly affect them.

Light is what we see as color, and the different wavelengths in the world around us make up the rainbow of colors we see. For this reason, it can be helpful to think about how the colors you select affect your life’s energy when decorating a bedroom.

Earthy bedroom feng shui color

What Is Feng Shui?

Is your bedroom a quiet place to rest, have a little romance, and then feel re-energized and refreshed when you leave? If so, adding a little feng shui to your space might be just what it needs. The ancient Chinese art of feng shui, whose name means “wind and water” in English, focuses on the placement of objects.

The goal is to improve the flow of chi, also called “life force” or “spiritual energy,” and to create harmonious circumstances that will help people stay healthy, provide monetary benefits, and make them happy. Feng shui also gives you the ability to design your space, particularly in the bedroom, so that you can sleep well and feel more connected to your partner and yourself.

Why the Bedroom Colors Are Important

From a feng shui point of view, the bedroom is one of the most important places to pay attention to in your home. This space is closer to your heart and offers the most privacy. When using feng shui, it’s important to consider how each room is used and what each part of the house means symbolically.

For example, your bedroom is an excellent example of who you are. It’s the part of your house that gives you the most solitude and vital, energetic connection. Hence, setting some simple feng shui rules in your bedroom can significantly affect the quality of your energy. At its most basic, this is a room in your house where you can unwind and build up your strength; at the same time, the bedroom needs to be a comfortable place to sleep.

Good feng shui in your bedroom will help keep your energy and spirit high. It will let you enter the world with the necessary power and vitality. This is because when you’re in your bedroom, you are in a “yin” state, which means you’re open and calm. In addition, it implies that you are more receptive to absorbing energy from your surroundings when resting or sleeping. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that the energy in your bedroom is nurturing and helpful by taking a little time.

How to Choose the best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

No one color is best for a bedroom (or any room, for that matter), but the following rules can help you choose the colors that will work best with feng shui in your bedroom.

What Colors Do You Love?

First, pay attention to the color that you find most interesting. What are your favorite colors, and why? Because of how we were raised and what we’ve done in life, we have unique connections with specific colors. For this reason, it’s crucial to pay attention to your gut instincts. Most of the time, we are drawn to the colors that will help us the most.

What Is Your Intention?

Set a link with the life force you want to bring into your life. Then, as you look through our color guide, inwardly note the types of “qi (circulating life force)” you think you could benefit from or want to grow. When deciding what colors to add, you should consider the area around it and the people who live there. Before you make any changes, think about what goes with the style of the rest of your house and what you already have in your bedroom. If you sleep in the same room with your partner, check each other’s color preferences.

Feng shui colors in bagua mapping

Green, Teal, and Blue

Blue, green, and teal are the best feng shui colors for the master bedroom. That is because these colors are connected to the feng shui element of wood, which is linked to growth, energy, and starting over.
Because we see these colors so often in nature, such as plants, water, and the sky, they tend to make us feel very calm. Pastel shades of green and blue are the most comforting and relaxing colors.

Purple for Prosperity

You get purple when you mix two colors—calm blue and fiery, passionate red. It is the best master bedroom feng shui color and a balanced one, making it a great option for a bedroom. In feng shui, the Bagua (a pattern determining the significance of spatial relationships) maps Xun (the wealth) linked to the color purple. This sector has to do with both personal worth and being extraordinarily wealthy and prosperous. So adding some calming lavender colors to your bedroom makes the space feel more balanced, especially if your goal is to make you feel like you deserve more.

Rustic Bed with Pink and Lavender Linen Sheets

Pink is a soft, kind color that is often associated with women. It is connected to the Relationships area on the Bagua map, the Kun area. In the Kun philosophy, receptivity is just as important as romantic relationships. Pink is a great color for finding a new partner, becoming more comfortable with receiving, or making your current relationship gentler. It’s also a good color to use if you want to get more used to receiving. In particular, the color peach is considered good for attracting a possible romantic partner.

A word of warning, though: once you’ve found a partner, you might want to change the colors in your bedroom or the meaning behind them.

White for Simplicity

White is the best feng shui color for the master bedroom and is often used to decorate the inside of homes, especially the walls. White is a color that can be very beautiful if chosen carefully and with thought. White is often considered an innocent, honest, and fresh start. But too much white can be harsh, so it’s best to pair it with softer colors. If you love white, using off-whites and ivory can be a kinder and more relaxing way to use it.

Earthy Yellow, Brown, and Orange for Balance

In feng shui, the earth element is connected to yellow, brown, and orange. This element is linked to nourishment, stability, and being rooted. As the colors yellow, brown, and orange all concern the earth, they are great colors for a bedroom, especially if you feel like you don’t have your feet on the ground. Try a soft yellow for a stable and happy touch or a warm terra cotta for a safe and nurturing place.

Dark Blue and Navy for Spirituality

The Gen section of the Bagua also called the Knowledge Area, is associated with dark blue and navy colors. Think of the night sky or a deep pool of water to get an idea of how calming and meditative the deep blue color can be. Adding a dark blue color to a bedroom could be the best master bedroom feng shui color, especially if the room’s purpose is to help the person in it relax and work on themselves.

Gray for Support

According to feng shui, the color gray is related to the Qian sector of the Bagua, which is linked to people who like to travel and are friendly. Moreover, because it is a mix of black (yin) and white (yang), it makes people feel calm and at peace. It is a neutral color that can be used with many other colors. For example, you can combine gray with another color to achieve the same effect in your bedroom.

Best feng shui colors in a bedroom

Black for Wisdom

Black is among the best feng shui colors for the master bedroom and is strongly linked to the element of water. Black is also intense. Since your bedroom is also a very yang space, it makes sense that you would want to add some black to this space. But if you decorate your home with too much black, it might not be the best choice. Instead of painting your bedroom walls black, try using black as an accent color in a picture frame or throw pillow. You could also put black tourmaline under each corner of your bed to help form a protective grid and absorb any negative energy that might be there.

Inspire Optimism with Yellow

Yellow, on the brighter and warmer side of the color spectrum, is considered the color of optimism in Feng Shui. Using yellow inside the house can make it feel both calm and happy at the same time. It reminds us of lazy days spent soaking up the sun in the Mediterranean, and it can make us happy even when the sky is gray.

It looks great with blues, teals, greens, and reds, and you should use white for a crisp and refreshing look. If you want a soothing and harmonious Feng Shui scheme in your bedroom, choose sand yellow or ochre and pair them with blue. Yellow, which has a warm and lively tone, makes people happy and energetic.


Many people, from DIY decorators to professional interior designers, choose the blue color because it is easy to live with and is great for layering. The color psychology and master bedroom colors in feng shui are good because they show enthusiasm, sympathy, warmth, encouragement, spirituality, loyalty, and thoughtfulness. Blue bedroom ideas also come in various shades, from soft eau de Nil to the darkest, bluest blues you can imagine. But on the other hand, a light blue background in a bedroom creates a relaxing atmosphere that can be warmed up with colors like red, orange, pink, and yellow.


What is the Charming Color for a Bedroom?

In the same way that light red is thought to be the luckiest color for Feng Shui front door colors, light red and pink are considered to be the most fortunate colors for bedroom ideas. These colors can eliminate negative energy because they are powerful and convincing. Also, red is linked to the element of fire, symbolizing passion, drive, and warmth.

If you think red is too strong for your bedroom’s feng shui color scheme, try a light or muted pink instead. Architects have used the color pink for a long time with great results. However, if you want the interiors to be timeless, you must ensure they are not too sweet, blue, babyish, or flashy.

What Color gives Positive Energy?

Blue is a good color for boosting positive energy because it calms the mind, gives us peace, and makes us feel safe and confident in ourselves.

Which Feng Shui Painting is Good for the Bedroom?

Putting up pictures of beautiful flowers, like a feng shui picture of peonies, in the bedroom is a great way to give old relationships a new lease on life. Paintings of a happy family or a beautiful home, which make you think of stability and clarity, should be hung all over the house to help bring the energy back to normal and improve the relationships between the people who live there.

A bedroom decorated with feng shui

What Color should the Bedroom be in Feng Shui?

Blue, green, and teal are the best colors for bedrooms. They are connected to the feng shui element of wood, which is linked to growth, energy, and starting over. These colors create a calm and relaxing atmosphere and are popular choices as they promote restful sleep and tranquility.

Which Colors should be Avoided in the Bedroom?

If you want to sleep well, you should avoid bright shades of blue, green, pink, orange, and yellow and instead choose pastel versions of these colors.

Simple rule: the more stimulating a color is, the worse it is for sleep. On the other hand, the brighter the color, the more peaceful the bedroom color idea.

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